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KRM meet xilinx AR# 65240

December 2015. All of the KRM-3xxx and KRM-1xxx modules have been verified to meet the criteria for safe power up and power down sequencing as outlined in Xilinx's AR# 65240.

KRM meet xilinx AR# 652402019-08-06T21:14:42+02:00

KRM-1k Preview

July 2015, our latest member of the KRM SoM Product line up is the new KRM1ZQ10; a low-cost, compact 30x70mm SO-DIMM module featuring a Zynq 7010 (or 7020) SoC with 512MB RAM, 2 QSPI Flash memories for configuration, 100 PL IO's and 38 PS MIOs. The module runs on a single 3V3 Supply and provides [...]

KRM-1k Preview2019-08-06T21:14:42+02:00

New Appnote

March 2015, a new application note describing the use of aurora IP blocks in conjuction with KRM project scripts and the KRM3510 subcarrier is available for download in the KRM3510 product section. The appnote illustrates how a designer can quickly achieve 8Gb serial connectivity via optical or elctrical SPF+ links when using a KRM-3Z30 (or [...]

New Appnote2019-08-06T21:14:42+02:00

KR at Embedded World 2015

February 24th through 26th  2015, Knowledge Resources and partner company Three Byte Intermedia (TBI) present a subset of the MoMath Robot swarm on the tip of the Xilinx booth at EW15. The exhibit demonstrates the image processing capabilities of the robots Xilinx Zynq core. Visitors were impressed by the responiseveness of the absolute coordinate system [...]

KR at Embedded World 20152019-08-06T21:14:42+02:00

Robot Swarm at MoMath in NYC completed

December 2014, Knowledge Resources developed and built the robots that are the heart of the physical installation of the soon to open robot swarm exhibit of the Museum of Mathematics in New York City (MoMath). The robots feature a novel optical tracking system that allows each of them to be "aware" of their position and [...]

Robot Swarm at MoMath in NYC completed2019-08-06T21:14:42+02:00

NEW Website and corporate Logo

October 2013, after 9 years, it was decided to update the appearance of our website which includes our new logo. Our new features include opinions, updated projects, a customer portal to our new online project management system and a web shop, which will be available shortly.

NEW Website and corporate Logo2019-08-06T21:14:42+02:00

The first FOM7050 compliant Zynq modules are here

September 2013:  Our KRM-3Z20-512 FPGA module is the first member in a growing family of standardized modules that are FOM7050 compliant.  With 192 FPGA I/O’s and a fully accessible MIO1 Bank, this modules offers the utmost design flexibility as no pins are wasted on potentially unused special purpose I/O signals. The modules are supported by [...]

The first FOM7050 compliant Zynq modules are here2019-08-06T21:14:42+02:00

The “Perfect” FPGA Module (Part 2)

SO, since our first attempt of creating the “perfect” FPGA module was quite successful, we decided to try and do even better.  Not that the KRM1k modules don’t have their place, but time (and therefore technology) progresses and the features that are now available in the 7 series parts from Xilinx could simply not be [...]

The “Perfect” FPGA Module (Part 2)2019-08-06T21:14:42+02:00

The “Perfect” FPGA Module (Part 1)

OK, I admit there is no such thing as a "perfect" FPGA module, but one should at least try to come as close as possible. So when we, at Knowledge Resources, contemplated the use of pre-built FPGA modules in order to accelerate the development of some simpler small run projects, we looked at commercially available [...]

The “Perfect” FPGA Module (Part 1)2019-08-06T21:15:20+02:00

Second Year of Certified Xilinx Alliance Partner Status

March 2013  We are proud to announce the achievement of certified Xilinx Alliance partner for the second year in a row.  Our growing team of certified Xilinx developers are looking forward to serving our mutual client base with expertise and dedication.

Second Year of Certified Xilinx Alliance Partner Status2019-08-06T21:15:20+02:00
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