Project Description


Design a 5MP camera module with LVDS interface and illumination ring


The space constraints in the target environment dictated a very compact design. the camera also had to have very high optical resolution across the entire visible spectrum.


A stacked PCB design and the use of an FPGA in a 0.5mm pitch BGA package allowed us to meet the space requirements. The Aptina cmos sensor MT9P031 without bayer filter was used so that every pixel could capture light of all wavelengths. Color images can be captured by sequential illumination with R/G/B LED’s (the camera is used in a sealed environment without any foreign light sources. As an extra feature, near IR LED’s can be used to get a fourth illumination wavelength beyond the visible R/G/B.

Technologies used:

Xilinx Spartan 6, Aptina Imaging sensor, HDI Layout with 0.075u feature size.