Just in time for the Embedded World 2020, we are proud to announce our first new product family in 4 Years. The KRM-4 series of modules is dedicated to the RFSoC line of Xilinx.  RFSoC’s offer fantastic value for any application that depends on fast analog acquisition and/or generation in conjunction with FPGA based processing such as T&M or communications equipment. To match the tremendous conversion speed of the on-chip 8 ADC and 8 DAC channels, The KRM-4 Modules offer Two 64bit DDR4 instances on PL in addition to the DDR4 interface of the PS. The KRM-4 Modules provide all of the “infrastructure” such a complex RFSoC needs, so that the designer can concentrate on the application and product differentiation. Initial samples, including an evaluation platform are available in Q2 2020.