At Knowledge Resources GmbH we believe in using the right tool for the task at hand in order to obtain the best results for the least amount of cost. This philosophy is reflected in our modern test equipment pool, the use of AMD FPGAs and SoCs, and the most up to date software tools available. We offer turn key solutions and services to complement your in house design team.

We offer turnkey designs encompassing every step from concept to a production ready design. In-house we have an extensive test equipment lineup, current state of the art design tools and the drive and experience to quickly turn your concept into a working product. Our global network of production and assembly partners ensures timely and cost effective access to a wide range of products and services. We have established relationships with a multitude of PCB manufacturers, laser cutters, machine shops, and assembly houses and can represent you as a general contractor managing the smooth progression from initial concept to final product.

Our component library is database driven, offers second source parts and is fully integrated with our parts inventory, traceability is a given from the first prototype.

We emphasize reliability and confidentiality, we therefore operate an in-house network that is strictly separated from the internet to ensure intruder free workstations and high security for your design data.

We are a premier AMD Adaptive Computing Partner and have completed designs with parts of the following device families:

  • Versal Premium (2022/23)
  • Zynq Ultra Scale+ RFSoC (2020/21/23)
  • Zynq Ultra Scale+ (2017/18/19/20/21)
  • Kintex Ultra Scale (2015/16/17/18)
  • Kintex / Zynq (2012- 2019)
  • SpartanXL / SpartanII / SpartanIII / Spartan3E / Spartan3A/Spartan6 (1998 -2012)
  • Virtex II / Virtex4SX / Virtex5SXT / Virtex6LXT (2004- 2012)

We utilize Altium Designer, and have extensive experience in high speed PCB layout with a proven track record. Our experience covers the following technologies & features:

  • High speed differential signal routing such as SATA, PCIe, SDVO, GbE on FR4
  • Impedance controlled layout
  • Low noise layout for sensitive analog circuits
  • Layout of RF stages
  • Blind and buried vias
  • Staggered micro laser vias
  • Virtual verification of mechanical constraints with the use of 3D STEP models

Our layout services are offered at fixed project prices and are covered by our exclusive layout guarantee. The firm pricing ensures that you pay only for results rather than effort; and the layout guarantee protects you from cost overruns even if a revision were to become necessary.Full details of the guarantee, terms of the services as well as a list of deliverables are available upon request.

Schematic Capture with Altium Designer

As part of a turn key design or in preparation of your layout we can import or prepare schematics for any Project.

Think tank services are here to give you access to our technology experience without having to order a full fledged development.

We can help you find answers if…

  • You are not quite sure what you need, but you have a product idea and want to explore technology options
  • You have an existing device but want to explore ways to improve its functionality, reliability or just add features
  • You have an electronics problem and need a second opinion
  • You need a feasibility study done
  • You are an architect or exhibit designer and need concepts for “gadgets” that are not available off the shelf

Initial consultations are free of charge, more extensive projects surprisingly affordable.
Our advice is broad and open-minded but based on real experience and realistic technologies.
We will treat your ideas and concepts with absolute confidentiality.

Please call us to discuss your needs or to request a mutual NDA.