The “Perfect” FPGA Module (Part 3)

You may have read our previous Blog about how “perfect” our modules are, here you can read how we keep improving a “perfect” thing  So how do you improve a “perfect” module ? You look at the things that cause the most effort in daily use and see if there is not a simpler way. [...]

The “Perfect” FPGA Module (Part 3)2019-08-06T21:14:41+02:00

Zynq Ultrascale+ Preview

July 2016 Our latest Module Family features MPSoC parts and offers the highest versatility, logic density, I/O count and processing power in a 75mm x 100mm form- factor. Our KRM-5ZUxx modules feature 4HP PL banks, 3HD PL banks, 2MIO banks, 4PS GTR transceivers and 24 PL GTX transceivers at up to 16Gb/s. DDR4 memory can [...]

Zynq Ultrascale+ Preview2019-08-06T21:14:41+02:00