It is hard to believe that almost 5 Years have elapsed since we moved to our “new” location at Ackerstrasse 30 in Basel. At that time, I could not imagine that we would fill and ultimately outgrow this “huge” new place within just 3-4 Years of having arrived. But we did. First by starting in-house electronics production, then by adding a dedicated test area, climate chamber, more engineers, mechanical fabrication and a second PnP robot.

And now, I am most pleased to announce our good fortune, that “just in time” an additional floor became available in our building and we can double our space as of January 2022.

We will take this opportunity to move engineering to a dedicated space, expand our post-production test area and gradually increase our electronics and mechanical production to triple our throughput capacity by 2023.

To handle all this extra production volume, we’ll also optimize our logistics setup and create new break- and collaboration-areas for our team.

This expanded facility gives us the space to pursue our “in-sourcing” strategy with additional room for yet unexplored opportunities and new KR products, all made in the heart of Europe.