July 2015, our latest member of the KRM SoM Product line up is the new KRM1ZQ10; a low-cost, compact 30x70mm SO-DIMM module featuring a Zynq 7010 (or 7020) SoC with 512MB RAM, 2 QSPI Flash memories for configuration, 100 PL IO’s and 38 PS MIOs. The module runs on a single 3V3 Supply and provides up to 1.5A of regulated 1V8 for low power peripherals.

In addition to the full featured version, a reduced feature “micro controller” version with 512kB on chip program memory and 256kB on chip RAM (no external DDRIII) is available for cost sensitive applications that require the speed of an FPGA fabric coupled with the flexibility of a high performance dual core CPU but do not have a large memory footrpint. Example applications are: Motor control, real-time video processing (line buffer based) and high I/O count industrial control.

Pricing starts at € 59.00 for the uP version in large quantities