Project Description


Transport data such as motor control and 3D object coordinates across a fiber optic links that is shared with a W-UXGA loss less video link. Due to the interactive nature of the system, it is important that the 3D data arrives with minimal latency.


The usual approach to pack data into the vertical interval of the video link was not suitable as it would have introduced a minimum latency of 16.6 milliseconds which was deemed to high.


An FPGA allowed us to define a proprietary packet structure which was embedded in a standard aurora protocol. The proprietary packet structure allocated a fixed amount of BW to each of the sub channels (video, various independent data links & audio) in each transmission frame. Since more than four hundred and eighty thousand frames per second are transmitted, the latency for any data transmission is just over 2 microseconds

Technologies in use:

Xilinx Virtex6, SFP+ transceiver, Aurora core, custom VHDL coding