September 2013:  Our KRM-3Z20-512 FPGA module is the first member in a growing family of standardized modules that are FOM7050 compliant.  With 192 FPGA I/O’s and a fully accessible MIO1 Bank, this modules offers the utmost design flexibility as no pins are wasted on potentially unused special purpose I/O signals.

The modules are supported by a development board which offers Gigabit Ethernet, USB, micro SD, UART to USB, four expansion ports, two logic analyzer ports, user buttons and LED’s and (much) more. A range of special purpose I/O modules can be used to quickly assemble a complete prototyping system.

Modules in single quantities cost only € 198.00  and the evaluation carrier boards € 149.00.

Pre-orders are now being accepted  and the expected ship date is in the second half of October.

For more detailed information, data-sheet, and access to library information please send an email with your contact information to