The KRM-3xx series of modules has been around for just over six years now, and its members are in use all over the globe in a wide range of systems and applications. In 2020 we are introducing the first new major addition to the KRM-3xx family, a range of Xilinx MPSoC based modules with a massive performance jump in PS compute power, and true 64 bit memory subsystem support.

In addition to the new 64bit MPSoC members, we also completed the modernization of the underlying support architecture of all previous Zynq 7000 based modules to bring the entire family to a unified BMC based control architecture. This allows for console based boot configuration and parameter control, rather than solder-jumper based configuration. Please consult the BMC communication guide for details.

In the process of the overhaul, we decided to change two previous GND pins to new functions: V-BAT which supports the battery backup of volatile encryption keys and a HW reset signal. Since both V-BAT and the HW reset signal remain optional, and the HW reset is active high, all newer modules are fully compatible with previous carrier designs that provide GND connectivity at those pin locations. Please consult the migration guide for details.

We are quite proud of the fact that the design decisions that we first made in 2013 had enough foresight to allow us to not only maintain the original core design with incremental improvements, but to be able to introduce a whole new, substantially more powerful, Xilinx product family and keep it 100% plug in compatible with all previous carrier designs that followed out I/O Bank voltage recommendations. You read correctly, 100% plug in compatible, not a single pinning exception across a selection of Eight major Module models each with  speed and temperature grade variations to meet almost any application space.

As you can see, we are still working on “perfection” getting ever closer.. 😉