The “Perfect” FPGA Module (Part 2)

SO, since our first attempt of creating the “perfect” FPGA module was quite successful, we decided to try and do even better.  Not that the KRM1k modules don’t have their place, but time (and therefore technology) progresses and the features that are now available in the 7 series parts from Xilinx could simply not be [...]

The “Perfect” FPGA Module (Part 2)2019-08-06T21:14:42+02:00

The “Perfect” FPGA Module (Part 1)

OK, I admit there is no such thing as a "perfect" FPGA module, but one should at least try to come as close as possible. So when we, at Knowledge Resources, contemplated the use of pre-built FPGA modules in order to accelerate the development of some simpler small run projects, we looked at commercially available [...]

The “Perfect” FPGA Module (Part 1)2019-08-06T21:15:20+02:00