NEW Website and corporate Logo

October 2013, after 9 years, it was decided to update the appearance of our website which includes our new logo. Our new features include opinions, updated projects, a customer portal to our new online project management system and a web shop, which will be available shortly.

NEW Website and corporate Logo2019-08-06T21:14:42+02:00

The first FOM7050 compliant Zynq modules are here

September 2013:  Our KRM-3Z20-512 FPGA module is the first member in a growing family of standardized modules that are FOM7050 compliant.  With 192 FPGA I/O’s and a fully accessible MIO1 Bank, this modules offers the utmost design flexibility as no pins are wasted on potentially unused special purpose I/O signals. The modules are supported by [...]

The first FOM7050 compliant Zynq modules are here2019-08-06T21:14:42+02:00