With embedded world 2024 one week away, we’re thrilled to share our new products.

We’re introducing two new Intel/Altera-based SoMs to our product line. First, the KRIB-A5ExxB32A (aka the KR Innovation Board) is a compact Agilex5 SoM aimed at industrial and edge applications. With four 32-bit wide LPDDR4 instances, the KRIB offers the highest memory bandwidth SoM in the industry, making this an ideal module for video processing and other high-memory bandwidth applications like RF capture or edge AI. Second, the KRM-10-S10RF is a high-end Stratix 10-based Direct-RF SoM for use in a multitude of applications with analog signal up to 32GHz.

We’re also expanding our AMD/Xilinx offerings with modules in our KRM-2, KRM-3e, KRM-4, and KRM-6 series.

The KRM-2ZUxxDR incorporates AMD’s RFSoC DFE and features 8 x ADC at 2.95 GSPS, 2 x ADC at 5.9 GSPS, and  8 x DAC at 10.0 GSPS. The RF ADC and DAC interfaces are designed for maximum flexibility, and this versatile, reliable design is implemented in a compact, 75 x 65 mm form factor.

The KRM -3eZUxxCG is an update to the original KRM-3 SoM family, first introduced in 2013. The eVolution range of SoMs repurposes unused GTx lanes to implement KR’s modern system housekeeping bus. As in the original KRM-3 design, exposing 192 PL-IOs and the PS-MIO bank 501 on X1 and X2 maintains the SoM’s maximum flexibility. The KRM-3eZUxxCG modules offer the highest RAM density on the lower pin-count AMD MPSoC devices, with up to 8 GB for PS and up to 2 GB DDR4 RAM on PL.

New in our KRM-4 series, the KRM-4ZUxx48DR features the AMD Zynq XCZU48DR and requires only a 12V supply, as all  FPGA and RAM voltages are generated on board. Also implemented on board, everything from power sequencing, configuration, and clock generation. The Dual 64Bit PL DDR4 RAM, operating at 2.4GT/s, provides the highest PL memory bandwidth of any currently available RFSoC module . Sixteen 28Gbit transceivers provide ample connectivity, on board dual QSPI and eMMC memories allow for a multitude of boot options and storage.

Finally, the KRM-6ZU49DR takes the KRM-4 design a step beyond. With 16x 2.5 GSample ADCs, 16x up to 10.00 GSample DACs, 16 x 28Gbit transceivers, and 2x 72 bit PL DDR4 8 GB at 2.4 GT/s, this high-end, compact module can be used in countless applications.

Want to learn more about these products? Meet us and see these SoMs in person next week in Hall 5, stand 5-219 at embedded world.